"Crandall-Bear's paintings take the viewer beyond a mere imaging of a landscape into an almost boundless sense of a place.”

Rochelle Belsito, American Art Collector Magazine



Crocker Art Museum- Sacramento, CA

Facebook- Prineville, OR | Forest City, NC | Luleå, Sweden | Altoona, IA

Resnick Foundation- Los Angeles, CA

Visa- Foster City, CA

Altera- San Jose, CA and Penang, Malaysia

Infoblox- Santa Clara, CA

Intel- Folsom, CA 

University of Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

The Infinity Condominiums, San Francisco, CA







Art Market San Francisco / George Billis Gallery / April / San Francisco, CA

Altum / Solo exhibition / Brannan Mason Gallery / May - June / Los Angeles, CA

American Artists in Paris / Le Salon Des Arts / June / Paris, France

Solo exhibition / Elliott Fouts Gallery / July / Sacramento, CA

Art Jakarta / D Gallerie / August - September / Jakarta, Indonesia


Seattle Art Fair / Joseph Gross Gallery / Aug 2-5 / Seattle, WA

Ataraxia / Licht Feld Gallery / June 14-17 / Basel, Switzerland

Modern Landscape / Slate Gallery / March-April / Oakland, CA 

Art Stage Singapore / D Gallerie / January 25-28 / Singapore


Galerie Brigitta Leupin / October-November / Basel, Switzerland

Wide Open Walls / August 10-20 / Sacramento, CA

Art Stage Jakarta / D Gallerie / August 11-13 /  Jakarta, Indonesia

Radium / Elliott Fouts Gallery, solo exhibition / July 1-31 / Sacramento, CA

Art Pampelonne / Joseph Gross Gallery / June 29-July 2 / Saint Tropez, France

Versailles Now / Mirus Gallery / May - June / San Francisco, CA

Art Market SF / George Billis Gallery / April / San Francisco, CA

Art Palm Springs / Adrien Kavachnina Gallery / February 16-19


Scope Miami Beach / Joseph Gross Gallery / December 2016 / Miami, FL

Group Exhibition / Adrien Kavachnina Gallery / April 2016 / Paris,  France

Telluric / Solo Exhibition / Elliott Fouts Gallery / July 2016 / Sacramento, CA

Group Exhibition / Christopher Hill Gallery / October 2016 / Healdsburg, CA


Latitudes / Elliott Fouts Gallery / Sacramento, CA

Art Palm Beach / Castle Fitzjohns Gallery / Palm Beach, FL

MIA Art Fair / Castle Fitzjohns Gallery / Miami FL

Castle Fitzjohns Pop up / Jan-March / Seafair yacht / Miami, FL


Spectrum, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA

aMFa Gallery, Orina, CA

Dogpatch Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Two-Person show with Tim Saternow, Christopher   Hill Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

Essential Six, PBS / KVIE, Tim Collom Gallery, Sacramento, CA


New Horizons, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA 

Face Yourself, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA

40 and Under, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Grand Opening, Christopher Hill Gallery, Healdsburg, CA


Launch, Sacramento, CA

aMFa Gallery, Parallel Affinity, Berkeley, CA


Abstract: 2000 – 2010, Temporary Contemporary Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Develop, California State University of Sacramento, The Union Gallery, Sacramento, CA

40 and Under, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Launch, Sacramento, CA

The Man and the Latter, Beatnik Gallery, Sacramento, CA


Terrene Series, Francesca Gallery, Sausalito, CA

Skinner Howard Gallery, Sacramento, CA

The Urban Hive, Sacramento, CA


A Creative Merger: A Collaboration by the CA Lawyers for the Arts, Sacramento County Public   Law Library, Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Public Law Library and the Attorney Generals Office, Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Department of Justice, Sacramento, CA


Micah Crandall-Bear | American, born 1980

Micah Crandall-Bear’s abstract landscape paintings examine Earth’s intrinsic resources and our disposition toward their accelerated transformation. His concept is infused with linear layers that cascade from atmospheric to subterranean. Landscape details hint at daily and seasonal shifts in light, evoking a sense of evolution and balance. He presents abstractions that inspire a deep and effusive connection to nature.

Crandall-Bear achieves longitudinal depth by exacting precisely rendered lines and seamless expanses of color. This explicitly composed depth communicates a sense of contingency and locality. Micah’s construction of space is enhanced by his painting method. His ‘wet-on-wet’ method is a contemporary application of ‘alla prima,’ a traditional technique used mostly in oil painting, where layers of wet paint are applied to previous layers of wet paint. No matter how precise or general the area, Micah’s layered brushstrokes are decisive, but also gestural, often spanning the entire surface of the canvas from left to right. This highly active method of painting is sometimes tempered through rapid buffing and blending. The outcome is a smooth, boundless, and energetic surface. 

As a Sacramento, California native, Crandall-Bear established his artistic roots locally and continues to promote the growth of his community. His work is represented in the United States, Asia, and Europe. He has been featured in ArtSlant, Art Maze Mag, American Art Collector Magazine, Forbes and more.